Monday, March 25, 2013

Ten Thousand Angels Cried by LeAnn Rimes

This has to be one of my FAVORITE songs... and this video, while obviously very basic, depicts the song very well! LOVE IT!

Any Meme Ideas for a Christian Blog?

I am considering doing a few memes for my blog for a couple of reasons and I am looking for ideas. The main reasons I won't to host a few different memes is because one, it would inspire posts. Two, it's be fun to network with other bloggers. And three, it would help me stay motivated.

So, with that said, any ideas for some good Christian, mommy/women related, Bible study, recipe cooking, house cleaning, crafting, book reviewing.... memes? I am open to all ideas and looking for any input on how many, when, where, how...etc.

My New Blog, A Fresh Cup of Hope

Welcome to A Fresh Cup of Hope. I have created this blog to pretty much journal  my walk with Christ, recipes, gardening and much more. Pretty much my randomness while also sharing my renewed walk in life.

I hope you will join me, and please, feel free to chime in, ask questions and share your own thoughts.