Monday, March 25, 2013

Any Meme Ideas for a Christian Blog?

I am considering doing a few memes for my blog for a couple of reasons and I am looking for ideas. The main reasons I won't to host a few different memes is because one, it would inspire posts. Two, it's be fun to network with other bloggers. And three, it would help me stay motivated.

So, with that said, any ideas for some good Christian, mommy/women related, Bible study, recipe cooking, house cleaning, crafting, book reviewing.... memes? I am open to all ideas and looking for any input on how many, when, where, how...etc.

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  1. The thing about memes is that they are thematic. So I think you can do it on almost any theme. You, listed several possibilities in your post. The keys are a catchy title and getting a few people on board in advance for each one.

    As an example, take mommy related as a theme.

    Title: When Baby Talk Becomes Your Vocabulary

    Rules: Talk about how you survived living all day with baby talk and then remembering how to talk to adults. You can include books that helped you, bible verses, or just a friend who kept you sane. Pick three more people to share the meme and be sure to link back to whoever chose you in their blog.

    You can do an entire year of memes just on mommy stuff. :) The same for any one of your themes above.

    Good Luck with this.